Youth Leading in STEM

Youth Leading in STEM is an educational outreach program that aims to help regional NSW and ACT students reach their full potential in science, technology, engineering or medicine (also known as STEM). We are a joint initiative of Engineers Without Borders (ACT), Engage University Outreach and Robogals (ANU), under funding and assistance from the Australian National University (ANU) and Inspiring Australia.

As part of this program we are running educational event followed up by a mentorship programme. This 3-day event has run annually at the Australian National University since 2017 in June/July. We will educate students in leadership, organisation, and creativity in a STEM context through a wide variety of workshops and tasks.

Some of the themes that will be explored in this program are:

  • Problem solving in science
  • Leadership and organisation
  • Humanitarian Engineering
  • Interactive hands-on creation
  • Physics, Chemistry, Computing and Biology

Attending students are also required to participate in a mentorship programme for the remainder of the school year. The mentors will be university students and they will provide insight and guidance to students in conducting some sort of STEM activity over the remainder of the year, through regular correspondence. They will be trained and assessed so that students get the best assistance in implementing their own STEM projects.

We want Year 9 to 11 students who are interested in pursuing STEM study past high school and aim to provide them the extra inspiration, motivation, guidance and skills to reach that goal. Female students are especially encouraged to apply. The registration cost is $20.

As we only have places for 30 students, we will be conducting a selection process based on the application submitted to us. Students need to answer some short questions and have the nomination of a teacher.

Regarding duty of care, students will be supervised at all times and we hope to also have 3 teachers attend and assist us in this. All three organisations are highly experienced in delivering educational activities and will ensure a high level of teaching quality, and the ANU has also assisted us in designing the educational activities.

This is a fantastic opportunity for students who are interested in STEM to expose themselves to new subjects and get a taste of what studying in university is like. For further information and to apply, please go to our website.