For Volunteers

COVID-19 and our work

In the interests of public health for both our volunteers and the schools we serve, we have made the decision not to deliver any school workshops until the COVID-19 epidemic has passed. However, this does not mean we are stopping our efforts to deliver interactive educational workshops to regional students in Australia. Instead, we have decided to focus on developing workshops that can be delivered online.

Leadership Roles Available!

If you’re interested in our leadership roles, we’d love to hear from you! Given current circumstances, we have waived the application deadline and will keep applications open. We will assess candidates on a rolling basis, as applications are received. See below for our roles.

Note: There is a link to apply at the end of the page.


Equivalent to Club President. Support the development of the leadership team, establish project priorities based on feedback, and make sure the leadership team feels supported in what they do. You can find the role description on page 1 of this document.


Help us create new workshops so that we can ensure we always have new and exciting activities to offer to schools. You can find the role description on pages 8 of this document.

Interested in a position?

Our application timeline is as follows:

Application deadline: This is a rolling application process. Roles will be updated as they are filled
Meet the team: If you get the role (and we hope you do!), we’d love to meet you ASAP so keep an eye on your emails for information regarding team meetings! Feel free to email the team if you have any questions or concerns, and we can’t wait to hear from you!