For Volunteers.

Volunteer applications for 2019 Semester 1 are now open!

We are super excited to announce that volunteer applications for 2019 Semester 1 are now open! If you:

  • Are passionate about engaging with regional school students,
  • Enjoy running hands-on workshops, and
  • Love contributing to the community through volunteering


Then we’d love to hear from you!

All you have to do is fill out this application form 🙂

If you have any questions about volunteering (or even about filling out the form – we know it can be a bit tricky!), please don’t hesitate to email us or message us on Facebook!


We are also recruiting for new leadership positions!


Schools Coordinator

Formal Role Description: Schools Coordinator 2019

Core Responsibilities

Core responsibilities are the key items to which the person holding this role will be held accountable for delivering. Other, secondary responsibilities may arise from time to time.

  • Representing Engage to schools, maintaining strong relationships with schools through an organised and professional approach to communication
  • Searching for new schools to reach out to and responding to school requests
  • Communicating with schools to organise outreach initiatives or events

The person filling this role would ideally have:

  • A strong passion for the work of Engage, wanting to see inequality in education addressed
  • Be organised, reliable, and professional, especially in both phone and email communications
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Be willing and able to put 3-5hrs a week volunteering, including exam periods


Interested in a position?

Email our Executive Director, James Liu, ( and let him know the following:

  • How did you hear about Engage?
  • What position are you interested in and why do you want the role? i.e. What attracts you to Engage and to this position?
  • Why do we want you? i.e. What you bring to the team and to the role, what relevant experience do you have?

We’re looking forward to working with you!

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