Workshop – Robotics


Students will learn how to program EV3 robots from LEGO’s innovative Mindstorms robotic series! They will then need to form small teams and use their newfound programming skills to complete a set of challenges based around the EV3 robot. Students will also get the chance to talk to the volunteers about what they do at university, including finding out about some of the projects that students get to do at university!

Venue/Classroom Requirements

  • A classroom-sized space big enough to teach 25 students at a time
  • Electrical power points to allow charging of electronic equipment such as the EV3 robots and accompanying laptops (provided)

Workshop Length

  • Ideal: 120 minutes
  • Minimum: 60 minutes
  • Maximum: 180 minutes

Number of Students

  • Ideal: 20 students
  • Minimum: 10 students
  • Maximum: 30 students