Workshop – Water for Life


Students will learn about the importance of fresh water to humanity. They will then create their own water filter from filtration media that we will provide. Their water filters will then be tested in the classroom using dirty water that we can provide (generally a mix of water and silt).

Venue/Classroom Requirements

  • Tables – set up for groups of 4-8 students
  • Sink or outdoor area for testing water filters (any area where water spillage is not an issue)
  • Projector for PowerPoint presentation (if possible: the workshop can be run without a projector if required)

Workshop Length

  • Ideal: 60-90 minutes
  • Minimum: 40 minutes
  • Maximum: 120 minutes

Number of Students

  • Ideal: 20-30 students
  • Minimum: 5 students
  • Maximum: 50 students