For Teachers

What do we offer?

Engage helps university outreach groups to visit your school!

Workshops often fall in the university holiday periods with volunteers typically committing to an entire week of workshops at schools in a particular district or area. Engage will do all the logistical organisation; all you need to provide is a comfortable space to conduct the workshop, any equipment listed in the workshop briefs, lunch for our volunteers and of course, students!

What does an Engage school visit entail?

Each visit usually lasts from 9:00am to 3:30pm (i.e. standard school hours) but we may be able to extend these hours depending on trip scheduling. Our trained volunteers will be available throughout the day to run workshops (ranging between 40-120 minutes per session – more information later in this document). We will also provide our own equipment so you don’t have to worry about that! You only need to provide the students and a suitable venue, as per our workshop details.

Note: As we have limited equipment and volunteers must travel to multiple schools on each trips, we can generally only bring 2 or 3 sets of equipment on each trip. We would advise organising for no more two to three workshops for any single class of students and to avoid the risk of repeating material.

Current Workshops

Engineers Without Borders


Youth Leading in STEM (Annual Event)