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Imagine a world where kids know what they want to do when they grow up – because they’ve already tried it!

At Engage, we believe all children, regardless of location or background, should have the chance to see the opportunities a university education can give them. However, this can be difficult if you don't grow up with a university nearby - as is the case in almost all of Australia's regional towns.

Engage: University Outreach is a Canberra-based not for profit which partners with educational outreach providers running activities in urban centres. Through providing funding and coordinating on their behalf with our partner schools, we enable them to run their activities in regional schools. Our goal is to give students in regional areas the chance to meet university students and take part in hands-on workshops relevant to university topics. In our workshops, students may spend 1-3hrs programming robots, building a water filter suitable for a developing community, creating lenses that turn phone cameras into microscopes, or more!

Case for Engage: The future Australian workforce needs good workers with a variety of skills an experiences. Students from regional backgrounds are underrepresented in universities. Only 19% of the university demographic comes from regional areas compared with 30% of Australians living in regional areas. Students from regional backgrounds are not less capable than other students, they just have fewer opportunities to explore the option of university study during the formative times of their education. On top of that, many students leave university without having developed adequate transferrable skills - and these are hard to teach. Extracurricular activities, such as the educational outreach organisations we partner with, help university students to develop these critical skills.

The Engage mission is twofold: 1. Engage regional school students on university topics, providing opportunities for them to make informed choices about their tertiary education. We build the aspirations of regional school students by sending university student leaders to run high quality workshops in schools. 2. Engage university students as community leaders, providing opportunities for them to develop skills and qualities through co-curricular learning. We work with university-student based organisations already running outreach programs in the ACT to extend their reach into regional areas.

  • Thanks, my girls had a wonderful time at the recent workshops. I really think that they got a lot out of it. They enjoyed the hands on aspects and what they (sic) were able to do with their machines.
    Erin Elsley - Wagga Wagga Public School
  • Firstly, thank you for providing our primary school children with the opportunity to be engaged with science and engineering experiences from university. Many students from our school are from low socio-economic backgrounds and have a limited understanding of the exciting activities undertaken by uni students. The Engage events fill this deficit… The volunteers are amazing people who give generously of their time and skills. It's remarkable and admirable, that they give back to the community through the workshops and inspire young people to share their passion for a career in science.
    Jane Leten - Goulburn South Primary School
  • Thanks for providing us the opportunity to have the Robogals robotics group come to Ulladulla High School last week. The students all had a fantastic time and the staff were very impressed with the way the volunteers interacted with our students in such a positive and constructive manner. All students were able to develop skills in the lego NXT interface and achieve some if not all of the tasks required for the robot to complete. Please get in contact and let me know of any other opportunities you may have available for 2016. Thank you very much for your excellent support for public education, it is very much appreciated.
    Joshua Westerway, Head Teacher Science at Ulladulla High School

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New YLS Website.

Posted in - Media
on April 17th, 2018

Heads-up everyone!

The new website for the amazing Youth Leading in STEM initiative has just gone live!!!

For those of you who don’t know, Youth Leading in STEM (or YLS for short) is an educational outreach …

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